Candid Wedding Photography

Janani Weds Pravin

The Foto Zone team has a long standing relationship with almost all the couples clients and invariably travel with them through engagement, wedding, pregnancy and more. Recently the team had a great time conducting the post wedding photo shoot of a lovely couple whose traditional wedding photography and videography were captured by us in July. This photo shoot was conducted after the couple’s honeymoon trip at Studio 24 located on East Coast Road, Chennai.

To say about the experience, usually post wedding shoots in popular landmarks or scenic places in the city would mean to always time it in such a way that there is some privacy and comfort for the couple, no public thoroughfare or disturbance inside the frame and mainly to capture the best lighting.

Studio 24 at ECR is a perfect place, a photo shoot heaven, with various different sceneries around the world, replicated on their premises. This place is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city and has the necessary comforts for safe changing and ample space for the movement of crew and equipment.

Since the team had conceptualized certain shots in the night time and day time effect, we chose the golden hour of 5 AM to 8 AM for the photo shoot. The couple were ready with their make-up and attire at 4.30 AM, helping us set up quickly and catch the best shots.

There are an array of sets, replicating Greece’s white-blue buildings, English gardens with boughs of floral vines, fort walls with apt lighting, grand palace halls and some old fashioned telephone booths. This resulted in the photos being a mix of fun, energetic and grand!

The couple were in their element, on the sets, as there was complete privacy and safety for them. This experience was very much enjoyable not only for the couple, but for the Foto Zone team to bring out their best creative shots in conducting this post wedding photo shoot. Studio 24 at ECR is highly recommended for those looking to get their pre-wedding photo shoots, post wedding photo shoots, pregnancy photo shoots or couple photo shoots done!