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“There may have been times when, surrounded by family, words were
not adequate to portray a loved one. Foto Zone provides you with a beautiful description…
savour the joy of family bonds, childhood and the infant years as you look back with
Fotozone’s detailed, vivid and pulsating portraits of family, children and babies.”


Swarna weds Karthik

Prasanna weds Ranjana

Prithivi weds Akshaya

Renuka Weds Krishna

Divya weds Navin

Siva weds Indhu

Lalasa Weds Himavan

Priyanka weds Sabharish

Aarthi weds Siddharth

Photo Studio

Always wished you had a family photograph where everyone looked beautifully put together and above all no one was struggling with the camera timer? We have the perfect solution. Come to our spacious photo studio for a family portrait using the best in photography equipment.

Family Portrait Photography

Kids Portraits

Couples Portrait Photography

Alliance Portrait Photography

Pregnancy Portrait Photography

Business Portrait Photography

Candid Video Shoot

In recent years, wedding candid videography has become quite popular. For high definition videos, HDSLR cameras are being used and the number of such cameras would depend on the number of guests at the function. Also, if budget permits and where weddings take place in large and spacious places, fitted on to a moving crane would be used to get an overview of the proceedings, without any interruption. Big LED Screens, placed strategically, can be provided for live relay of the event on stage, making for comfortable viewing from any point.
Life in Pics

Candid Wedding Photography

Marriages may be made in heaven… as is the popular belief… but FotoZone
turns it into a heavenly event, by rendering innovative concepts in
Candid Photography & Videography would make weddings memorable events….
and looking back years later, a real pleasure for generations.

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About Us


The year 2001 saw the birth of FotoZone – a Hi-tech Studio with state-of-the-art digital photography equipment and the necessary infrastructure. The brainchild of V.SANTHOSH RAJ, FotoZone undertakes assignments in wedding, industrial, architecture, interiors & exterior, fashion, model portfolios, food and panoramic photography. Marriages may be made in heaven, as is the popular belief but FotoZone turns it into a heavenly event, by rendering innovative concepts in Photography & Videography that would make weddings, memorable events and looking back years later, a real pleasure for generations.


Classical Dance Photography

Many a debut classical dance performance has been captured in all its vividness,
bringing to life the dancer’s grace and every nuance of expression, frame after frame.
From start to finish, each detail of the event is minutely covered, creatively recorded
on CDs and in designer albums, which make for pleasurable viewing.

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